Tom Hughes and John Prescott from Australia




Published on Aug 5, 2022

Scott Morrison


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Everything will get worse and worse like never before. Bringing in the Antichrist to solve the world's problems. God is in control and everything is happening just like Jesus said it would. Regardless how bad it gets Jesus will take care of his people. Before the Antichrist comes into power the Blessed hope will happen. Jesus tells us not to worry about anything. So we just put all our hope and trust in Jesus. Excellent guest and broadcast. Thanks to both of you! I’m curious about Dimitri Dudemann( incorrect on thespelling? How should it be spelled?) i wish to research this man’s testimony and what he said. Totally believable it could play out to the intentions of those with agendas to overthrow the current way of doing things.

What this man is saying brings to mind Kristallnacht in Berlin.The Nazi’s used The murder of that German Official to put in place the Holocaust along with a World War.What Nazi said never let a good crisis go to waste,do any of you out there know about such a phrase? Demitri is now dead and with Yeshua praise the Lord. He was tortured for Christ and imprisoned for spreading the gospel and providing bibles. His grandson always interpreted for him and is still alive and gives an awesome testimony as well. It is well worth looking into for the glory of our Great God!

For those of us who love freedom, this hatful stuff coming from tyrants like Dan Andrews makes us physically sick. And heart breaking to see the lackeys who follow them around like puppies no matter what. It reminds me of what Stalin did to make a his evil point. While in front of his inner circle he took a chicken, vicious pulled its feathers out and when he was done he put the chicken down. That chicken, rather than run away in terror, stuck by him wherever he moved. He then told his audience, you see this? You abuse people and they will behave the same way. (paraphrasing) It is absolutely true. People who resist tyrants and tyrannical governments are the EXCEPTION, not the rule. Those "Stand with Dan" types are the human chickens that have had their feathers plucked out and are terrified their tyrant might do worse to them if they do not stick close to him.

I was asked my opinion years ago what I thought of Obama and I said the agenda is to wipe out the working class, you will be poor or rich, no in-between.. the American dream is lost forever.... Trading Places ... It was an experiment between the two old rich bankers. Nature or Nurture...are you born a certain way, or are you that way because you learned to be that way? was half of a large salmon, not a ham.

Stolen generation.....sounds like your American guest has been given the woke Aboriginal industrial complex line....whatever....most Christians will be Bereans and check it out properly, hopefully. Do not be deceived. That's ok, he's only been in Oz for 13 years. My doctor is a volunteer who is helicoptered in to remote communities every couple of months to deliver basic health care to groups still living in their traditional ways. They choose to live that way and who are we to demand they come into the cities/towns? My doctor is always exhausted and she is so depressed when she returns. Mortality rate high, disease rate high, simple bacterial infections which lead to death, just an example not to mention the cultural and tribal practises which have no place in a God-fearing world. Christian missionaries rightly took kids out of these areas, in the past, and placed them with families just to save their lives. I daresay similar happened in Canada. Since the do-gooders have been woken onto the industrial complex's wagon ( racism is a very successful tool of division, got to hand it Satan), those communities and other more urban-centred groups have been securing hand-outs to the detriment of decades of generations (they live on the welfare teat, devoid of work ethic and thus self-respect). Australia is a welfare state, for heaven's sake. We taxpayers support over half our population - migrants, the indigenous and special interest. It is not a permanent or positive solution, it breeds a permanent underclass, grounds for inferiority complexes and a society that can't push forward because it is always having to look after it's poor and indigent. I wonder what per cent of Australians are Christian today? So much welfare, so few Christians, so much debt....ripe for the picking.

I enjoy watching Pastor Tom Hughes interview Christians around the world. As a 30 year military veteran, high ranking officer, I am very discouraged by most Christian pastors today. They seldom interview educated, knowledgeable female Christians. But faun over eloquent speaking, college dropouts like Charlie Kirk while ignoring intelligent women like Candace Owens, Lisa Havens, Anita Fuentes. etc. At least Jan Markell has Michele Bachmann as a regular guest on her show. Galatians 3:28 should give women & people of color hope when Jesus sets up his millennial kingdom- true equality and respected opinions!

So what do we Christians do? Yes, we're waiting for Jesus to return, yes, we must not be afraid, yes, do not take the mark of the beast.... But what more and especially about money...?


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