The Granny Killer - Is this Australia's worst ever serial killer




Published on Aug 5, 2022

Scott Morrison, Brittany Higgins


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Classification: Serial killer. Characteristics: Gerontophilia. Number of victims: 6. Date of murders: 1989 - 1990. Date of arrest: March 19, 1990 (suicide attempt). Date of birth: November 26, 1932. Victims profile: Gwendolin Louise Mitchelhill, 82; Winifred Isabelle Ashton, 82; Margaret Frances Pahud, 85; Olive Cleveland, 81; Muriel Beryl. Falconer, 92; and Joan Violet Sinclair, 60. Method of murder: Bashing with a claw hammer and ritual strangulation with the victim's pantyhose. Location: Sydney, Australia. Status: Sentenced to six terms of life imprisonment, never to be released, 1991. Committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell on September 9, 2005.

Over a year (beginning in March 1989) six elderly women (1 was 60, the rest were between 81 - 92 years old) died as a result of bashing with a claw hammer and ritual strangulation with the victim's pantyhose, tied in a bow, on the lower North Shore.

Their skirts were pulled up over their heads, legs were splayed and their shoes were placed neatly alongside their bodies. They represented both his mother and mother-in-law, though he also just hated "Mosman Matrons". He specifically blamed his mother-in-law for his actions.

All his victims were strangers, except the last one. He was also charged with attempted murder, indecent assault, robbery with wounding and assault and robbery. He had a long history of teenage delinquency, lying, stealing, "Peeping Tom" activity as well as assault, both in the UK where he grew up, then in Melbourne where he worked, before moving to Sydney. Described as the anger retaliatory-type predator and narcissast, he struck everyone as being so "normal" (most psychopaths do), he was a "hail fellow, well met" type, and was married with two daughters.

He was sentenced to six terms of life imprisonment, never to be released. His only concern was that he would not see the ocean again.


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