Snow trip with family - Australia



Published on Jan 14, 2023

Scott Morrison


Politics, News, Finance, Government, Australia


Didi 13august nu Melbourne ch Nimrat khaira da show aa plz tusi sare dekhnn jayo. Download offline maps for roughly 50km or 100km, before travelling anywhere, it works where no signal. Half of what you say isn’t funny why do you use that whistle bell sound effect over and over when what was said isn’t funny?

STOP USING THE WHISTLE-BELL SOUND EFFECT it is so annoying you use it every 2 seconds stop stop stop please I can’t enjoy your videos anymore please stop using that annoying sound effect it gives me migraine PLEASE STOP. Inder veere kirat didu reply jrur kryo mere msg da j Australia de sponsorship ayi howe ty othe ake study mil jndi permanent lyi.

Di samta didi missing aa vlog ch please ohnu vi la ka ayo vlog vich please request aa. Luvvvv youuuuuu landar kirat very very much love youu kirattr yaaar Inder nu ik giveaway krna chahida subscribers nu ma thodiya sariya videos dekhda pls krdo gift underpants Te bra kirat bhabi diyayaar sachiiii jindagi da najara ajhu.


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