Amateur Radio to be free



Published on Jan 14, 2023

Scott Morrison


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The Australian Communications and Media Authority - @sorryaustralia have released their review on the regulatory arrangements that authorise the operation of non-assigned amateur stations.

The objective of our review is to identify the best licensing mechanism that reduces regulatory burden and minimises costs for licensees, while also preserving the current operational utility for licensees.

A new proposal to make amateur radio operators fall under a class license has been proposed. In this video I go over those changes. What is your view? Please let me know in the comments below, and don't forget to make a submission to the ACMA.

Here is the answer to you statement and question! I decided on no longer to keep my radio license. The reason for this decision was taken as during the last 6 months I did not have any calls or received any short-wave radio stations except for some communist China stations, I profoundly dislike. There is nearly no traffic on 2 meters or 70 centimetres as the repeater station in the Canberra area is mostly used for the 30 minutes WIA broadcast on Sunday Mornings I can listen to on the Internet. The VK1 repeater is as good as dead and, in the meanwhile, I sold my 2 m - 70 cm transceiver to someone in WA.

They are only doing this so they can tick the box as an agency and say that have complied with the government’s deregulation agenda. The regulatory burden for amateurs is very light. The amateur service is low hanging fruit for this sort of unnecessary interference. No pun intended.

Be careful what we wish for. Free may not mean free when you add possible sub-contractor fees for callsign management, and remember that something is usually worth whatever you pay for it. Of all the things I don’t like about the Class License option, the likely lack of any protection from interference is utterly non-negotiable. To those who say we don’t get any action now, I would say it is better to be entitled to something as a paying customer, and have to fight to get it, than to be told you have zero entitlement to begin with. The UK and US models are far better than what has been offered as “preferred”. We must all make individual submissions.

Paragraph 1 on page 12 of the Consultation Paper says "If an amateur licence was issued to a person on the basis that they held a recognised overseas qualification or licence before 19 September 2020, the above policy does not apply." referring to being able to renew a reciprocal licence. I thought it was before Sept 2019, has the policy changed?

My opinion on why they say under the class licence you will "generally" not be afforded protection from interference, is because if the interference is from a user breaching their own license conditions (or interfering with a paying licencee, eg. commercial), the ACMA might chase that up (but not for your sake).

Thanks Hayden I waded through it all yesterday and came to the same conclusion as you which was reassuring. Great to get your perspective and I hope the Service can continue on in a similar manner as it always has. Regards from vk5cz .. OH forgot way back one of the Hawk governments put the high tax on it was called Spectrum Access Tax, caused a lot of discussion but they did it anyhow.

First, we no longer hold a license. The amateur bands have been made into "unlicensed spectrum" with the side requirement that you have to register a callsign to be used to identify your transmissions, and that to register a callsign you first need to pass an exam.


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